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Roots Taghazout Surfing Location

We have an incredible, Moroccan-style, multi-level surf house with a capacity of up to 100 guests.
The spacious rooftop terraces provide ample room for live action; lounges, football tables, games, yoga, performance area and of course our bar.
We have bathrooms located on each level of the surf house with RUNNING WATER! That’s right folks, no ‘wet wipe showers’ necessary at this surf house! There is even a SAUNA & JACUZZI for the ultimate chill out.
Wanting to be close and cosy with someone? Double Rooms are available at an extra 10€ a night per person!

Roots Morocco Collage

The Roots Surf House:
Our surf house is located in the south of Morocco, in the village of Taghazout, near the resort city of Agadir. An area so lovely the King of Morocco has his beach palace down there. Here the High Atlas Mountains complete their run down to the North Atlantic Ocean, where goats reside in trees and where fishermen make their nightly drift out to the horizon on seaworthy car tyre inner tubes.

Taghazout is a stereotypical North African fishing village, with a series of narrow lanes winding either side of the one road, Highway 1, which runs through it’s middle and provides the village’s central focal point. Along this road there are a handful of shops, a market place and mosque and a few hotels. You can walk through Taghazout along Highway 1 from end to end in about 5 minutes.

The Roots Surf House is located just off Highway 1. Located right on the water’s edge, the house is populated with sun worshipers and surf rats from every corner of the globe, and they can be found lounging on our balcony watching the sea and checking out the waves. There is a combination of shared and private accommodation, though most nights you’ll pass out on the balcony with the ever-clear North African night sky twinkling away above you…

*A note on the balcony: Because it deserves it. This balcony is amazing and is definitely the focal point of the house. This is where we eat, drink tea, share stories, chug beers and smoke hookah. This is the place where you can play a game of chess or kiss a beautiful stranger. We BBQ here, we surf the net, we sloth around and we dry our wetsuits. From this balcony, you can check the surf at three of Morocco’s best breaks, from this balcony the sunset will burn so bright and beautiful your eyes will bleed, from this balcony the sounds of a Moroccan fishing village will drift up and mingle with chatter from all around the world. This is the balcony.


More on Taghazout:
Taghazout is a small fishing village 19 km (12 mi) north of the city of Agadir in the south west of Morocco. The inhabitants are mostly of Berber origin.
A world famous surf destination the village boasts beautiful scenery, great food & drink and easy access to other outstanding places.
Surfing is the common theme for visitors here. Morocco is famous for its long right hand point breaks; thoroughly consistent and generally uncrowned. The most famous of which is a little to the north. In the right conditions this point can take you on a 2 km ride, starting at Anchor Point, joining up with Hash Point and ending on the beach break at Panorama’s. It’s called surfing from village to village. There are several others in and around the area making it an ideal destination for all levels of surfing skill.

It is not so difficult to arrive at the fest, just a little planning is needed!

429€ All Included! 329€ Without Board, Wetsuit & Classes
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