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Roots Morocco Surfing Holidays

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Welcome to Roots Surf Fest, the home of Surf, Music, Yoga, Ocean Conservation, Local Food & Drink, Workshops, Night Surprises and plenty of Good Vibes!
Never surfed before? No problemo. Never watched the sun set over the ocean? Prepare to be amazed. Never played a guitar? Come and join us. Never slept under the stars? We’ll join you!
Are you a wanderlust, experience-seeking traveller? Or have you never left the confines of your bunker-house? We don’t care what walk of life you’re on, just redirect those feet to Morocco and we’ll see you there!
Replace your daily hustle and bustle with the sound of fires on the beach, sunset beats, games and killer barrels. You decide how much you get out of this, be as involved in the daily shenanigans as you please.

Follow the trail of live beats and sandy feet to Morocco, Book now to avoid disappointment!

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“Roots was totally amazing and made my summer! I’ll be back for sure”

“This was more than a typical week at at a Surf School, there were loads of different things to do”

“Due to the nature of the festival I bonded with everyone really quickly and all week it was non-stop fun!”

“I loved the care and attention given, I totally disconnected from my busy life, see you next time guys!”

‘Amazing festival with great ambitions! Keep up the good work guys!’

‘Arrrright! Keep this fire burning’

‘Thanks for everything you did for the ocean, the people and me’

‘Keep up the fantastic work you do for the environment it is already spreading’

‘Really enjoyed the trip and feel energized for the next one’

‘An amazing event, thanks for everything’

‘The music at Roots was my personal highlight’

‘Our luggage is full of great moments from this festival week’

‘A week in which I did so many new things, it was awesome!