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Taghazout Zero Waste Project

Roots Surf Fest is an international celebration of surf in its third year of existence.
As-well as a place of surf the festival showcases independent music & provides a place for workshops and interactive entertainment. 
At the heart of each fest is ‘Ocean Conservation’ which takes form using beach cleans, tree planting, forums, chats and school visits.
Each festival seeks to be a catalyst for positive environmental change in the locality whilst at the same time inspiring ticket holders to take up the challenge when back home.

Over the course of our three festivals we have had many environmental based successes -including helping to set up a recycling system two surf schools and a beach resort, press coverage of the pollution facing a local area, beach cleans collecting over 1000 kilos, tree -planting & awareness raising at a local school. Through all this we have forged a strong relationship with Surf Rider Foundation first in Spain and now in Morocco.

logoSFM-new_MinaretSurfrider Foundation Maroc is a Moroccan association acting on the protection, development and sustainable management of the coast and its users. Their ways of acting are:
By raising awareness in schools, installing bins and signs in coastal villages, organizing beach cleanups, encouraging local actions organizing events and   conferences to inform people.
Our first collaboration with Surf Rider Maroc took place over the new year week of 2015 & 2016 in Taghazout  a fishing village in South Morocco, North Africa. Due to the nature of its great waves and pretty location, over the past few years it has become a popular surfing destination
As part of the ‘Roots Surf Fest’ week, on new years eve the the festival goers visited a local school and in-front of local councilors made a presentation to the children about plastic pollution and then followed up with Tree planting in the school grounds and a beach clean.

Roots Surf Fest Morocco new year tree planting beach clean up surfrider morocco maroc-90OCEAN CONSERVATION:
Whilst cleaning the beach in Taghazout all festival goers were struck by the huge environmental problem facing the area. Not only were vast amounts of plastic blowing around and littering the area. The plastic had become so ingrained in the earth that in some areas you could see it embedded in the different strata of rocks, amongst the roots of trees and plants and choking rivers.
Also on the tidal line of the coast evidence of micro plastic was rife and considering this was only what we were seeing with the naked eye on the beach it is obvious the ocean is seriously contaminated with plastic debris large and small. A local person who spoke to us during the beach clean up stated that the amount of plastic washed up on the coastline after a storm was ‘shocking’.
The rise of surf culture in the area has clearly had a deep effect with careless, throw away tourism putting the ocean and its many species in danger.

Roots Surf Fest Morocco new year tree planting beach clean up surfrider morocco maroc-66THE PROBLEM IS SO BAD ACTION IS NEEDED IMMEDIATELY – STATISTICS FROM SURF RIDER BACK THIS UP:
Each summer Surfrider Foundation Maroc organize one of its most important projects “I LOVE MY BEACH”, it is to set up as a team who clean the beach and raise awareness to summer visitors about marine pollution. In 2015, 163 trash bins were spread on beaches, and about 12 000 bags were collected this year, the equivalent to 117 tons of waste (against 56 tons in 2014 and 58 tons in 2013).
Water samplings of the sea has been done with the objective to estimate the microbiological quality around Agadir. The results of water analysis found the most worrying area was around Taghazout .
Roots Surf Fest’s one afternoon with Surf Rider Maroc left us with no doubt that we could not just help for those hours and walk away from the problem – hence this campaign which has two angles.

WASTE BINS Currently on Taghazout seafront there are no bins we aim to raise enough money to install 100 fixed beach bins. The implications for this will be great – reducing environmental waste, keeping the beaches clean and helping the seas to be cleaner.

We aim to create an awareness raising documentary about the environmental problems facing Taghazout. What is fascinating in Taghazout is that the area is clearly a microcosm of environmental problems facing the the world in general. The thread of the documentary will follow the threat of pollution to the area, the attitudes of surfers, fisherman and locals to the problem. We will take a look at the impact of development in Taghazout – good & bad.  We will also document things people are doing to combat the problems facing the area.  Through wider ocean based facts, research and a marine biology test of the ocean around Taghazout : we aim for the documentary to inspire and empower others to take up the challenge of helping to keep the oceans alive.

Roots Surf Fest Morocco new year tree planting beach clean up surfrider morocco maroc-18FINANCE:
Our financial projection for this project is clear:
Rubbish Bins
13 bins 240L…76€ each = 988€
24 bins 360L…114€ each = 2.736€
13 bins 660L…286€ each = 3.718€
50 wall bins / pole 50L…78€ each = 4.680
100 Stickers A3 adhesive…1,4€ each = 140€

Total of 50 large bins + 50 wallbins + 100 stickers = 12.262€

Documentary Film Costs include for two weeks:
Travel for two arriving from Spain, food, Accommodation, Equipment.
 Please note the research, editing, production of the film is being provided for free. This is likely to be over 4 weeks of donated work. 

Total: 1500€
We have also added 250€ of Miscellaneous expenditure as there are bound to be extra costs for all parties.
TOTAL COSTS:  14,012€

Roots Surf Fest Morocco new year tree planting beach clean up surfrider morocco maroc-57TEAM:
We believe the combined organization, communication & implementation expertise of The ‘Roots Surf Fest & Surfrider Maroc’ teams will see the project through.

Documentary making is provided by filmmakers from the Roots Surf Fest team, both of whom have a strong background in video production making several videos for school and music projects in Spain and one feature length documentary in the UK that was funded by the UK film council.

They will be supported by the ‘Surfrider’ crew who will will be providing ground support and an invaluable source of local contacts.

Roots Surf Fest Morocco new year tree planting beach clean up surfrider morocco maroc-132IMPACT:
We believe the project will have a great and lasting impact.
The beach waste bins will reduce environmental waste in Taghazout and help make steps to a more environmentally conscious surf culture in the area.
This will help affect positively the lives of the 6000 people who live in Taghazout, the many thousands who visit and most importantly the many species in ocean and locality.
The film will help bring factions of the community together to discuss the problem whilst inspiring others in the wider world to protect the oceans and environment in general.
Upon completion we will screen it in Taghazout and it will be distributed online via PAY PER VIEW by DONATION – the funds created from the video will be distributed equally between Surf Rider Maroc & a forest replanting project.
The documentary will also be submitted to film festivals and television across different languages. 
Our initial estimates for the documentary audience related to the profiles & reach of all parties involved in the project are 100,000 with the chances for further growth very strong as it will be made to the highest quality.

Roots Surf Fest Morocco new year tree planting beach clean up surfrider morocco maroc-95PLEASE HELP THIS PROJECT!
Our assembled team has all the relevant skill sets and experience to this project through and we no obstacles to the projects completion. 
Your help however great or small will be deeply appreciated.We are currently looking for funding through different organizations. If you think you could be of help, know someone or have some useful information please let us know.
Use this mail or the contact page.

Human activity is having deep and profound impact on the health of the oceans, Keeping the oceans alive is essential to the well being of the planet and all its species.
Lets turn this around!