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Ocean Conservation

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What do we do?

This is a festival produced in conjunction with Surf Rider Foundation. At each festival we aim to keep all waste to an absolute minimum whilst also recycling and re-using onsite . We are supporters of ‘Food Sovereignty’ and where possible we will use all produce and employment from the local area. We calculate all carbon emissions generated by the festival as a whole, then offset it with a tree planting project.
Alongside Surf Rider Foundation at each festival we have sustainability chats and forums, workshops and an optional beach clean, over time we aim to become a greener and more earth friendly event – improving in each area. Our ethos is to be open and transparent .
Where possible after each fest we also continue to provide support working with local people, councils, the media and social groups to help create long lasting positive change where the festival took place.

Past & Future

In previous festivals we have helped to introduce a recycling system at a surf school, generated pressure on the local council to introduce more bins in the area and had media coverage of a beach clean that raised awareness about plastics and the sea. Each beach clean we have completed has helped to show the extent of the problem facing the oceans – For example in two hours on one beach we collected around 200kg of plastic waste.

In Morocco, working alongside Surf Rider Maroc we visited a local school and the afternoon culminated with tree planting and a beach clean in Taghazout. We were so struck by the terrible pollution that we witnessed on the beaches of Taghazout,
we created a project to fix waste bins along the coastline of Taghazout and create an awareness raising documentary about the area. Watch this space for more information!

Festival Food

No festival can be serious about Sustainability / Ocean Conservation without looking at the food being eaten on site. Here in the 21st century, run off (that includes pesticides, fertilizers, antibiotics and nutrients) from meat and crop producing farmland, and rampant overfishing are two of some of the major problems facing the seas today.
Oceanic dead zones now exist and continue to grow fueled by our eating habits that have increased ocean acidification to devastating levels whilst also contributing to climate change.

By having a specially prepared Vegan and Vegetarian menu across the festival week, we stay true to our principles and we hope to show others that it is possible to live an active lifestyle whilst eating less or no meat at all.
Through what we eat we can make a difference!

Due to human activity the oceans are in decline. As Roots Surf Fest ticket holders we ask you to take responsibility for your actions and to be consciously aware of their environmental implications.

Little Ripples Make Waves!