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New Year Special Edition

Happy New Year!

We start the year at Roots with a special mini edition of our magazine!

Roots Surf Fest in Morocco is Just Around the Corner!

We are stoked to returning to Taghazout, Morocco this coming February. Last years fest there was awesome! This year we aim to go one better!
There are still some tickets left, you can book here.
Also for interested couples or soon to be couples we have some double rooms available at a cost 10€ per night/ per person.

The Completed festival program me is below. Whether you want to get stuck into the waves, learn some body percussion or take a sauna, listen to live music – the week is jam packed with things to do and new experiences.

Roots Morocco

1st day: Arrival / Moroccan Music & Party – Get a Henna Tattoo!
2nd day: Yoga / Surf / Lunch / Surf / Yoga / Bodybeats Workshop / Night Entertainment: Air Guitar  Competition / Matt Rivers (Indie/Folk)
3rd day: Yoga / Surf / Lunch / Surf / Trip to Moroccan Market & Get washed a scrubbed at a traditional Hammam Bath house / Yoga / Children’s Games for Adults Workshop / Night Entertainment: Interactive Games / Head out into Taghazout: Tara Rajan (Singer Songwriter)
4th day: Yoga / Surf / Lunch / Surf / Yoga / Soul Writing Workshop / Hula Hoop Workshop / Night Entertainment: Interactive Games / Kid Hyena (Acoustic Duo featuring Body Percussion)
5th day: Yoga / Surf / Lunch with Acoustic Music / Ocean Conservation  with Surfrider Foundation Maroc + Beach Clean Up / Massage Workshop / Night Entertainment: Human Camel Racing / Cinema
6th day: Yoga / **Optional Paradise Valley OR / Surf / Lunch / Surf / Yoga  
Beach Party with a show by Kari Panska + Moroccan Music
7th day: Yoga / Surf / Goodbyes….
***Ongoing throughout the week – Sauna & Massage

Yoga is ON with Amanda Quiambao!


We are honored to have the amazing Amanda Quiambao delivering the Yoga workshops in Morocco. A big hit at last summers Barcelona promo party, she has taken some time out to answer some questions for Roots.

1. How did you begin practicing Yoga, and how did you become a teacher?

I started practicing in 2013. I had a lot of free time and decided to start practicing yoga. I was immediately hooked and soon started practicing about 5 times a week since then. Shortly after I moved to Barcelona. Here is where I took my first yoga teacher training in Rocket Vinyasa Yoga. Afterwards, I spent 2 months in India where I completed another 200 hours of Hatha Vinyasa Yoga in Rishikesh. I started teaching private yoga classes late last year and slowly have been sharing my practice more starting this year. I participated in another Rocket Yoga Teacher Training in March and was super inspired after to share my knowledge of yoga. I love to inspire and teach anyone who is willing to learn.

2. How has Yoga changed your perspective towards life?

Yoga has changed me completely as a person. As I progress in my practice I become more aware of my body and conscious of what I am doing. Not only has it changed me physically, but mentally as well. When I start doing things I never thought was possible in my practice, I start to believe that anything is possible. This perspective projects not only onto my yoga practice, but in my life. I now believe that anything that I want to achieve is possible. It has brought met to have a very optimistic outlook on life.

3. What style do you teach and what is its history?

I teach mostly Rocket Yoga. It is a style of yoga developed by Larry Schultz in San Francisco during the 1980s. Rooted in the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga practice of yoga; it is restructured from the Primary and Intermediate Series of Ashtanga Yoga as well as combined with key postures from the 3rd and 4th advanced series of Ashtanga. I think it’s a really beautiful practice that allows you to see how much possibility the human body is capable of.

15781738_371589639841583_136472924141977217_n 4. How much importance do you place on diet in your daily practice?

I think it’s very important to have a well-balanced diet for everyone. Since I am always so active, I eat quite a lot. I think it’s important to give your body as much food as it needs. Each person has a different body, with different structures and metabolisms, so I think what is best for one person isn’t always the best for another. We are what we eat, our bodies take that energy, so we should eat food that will nourish our bodies with prana (life energy).

5. In what ways can Yoga practice help your surfing experience?

I believe yoga can be very beneficial for surfing. My yoga practice has helped tone all parts of my body giving me a lot of strength. With surfing, you need to be quite fit to be able to paddle and catch the waves, so I think yoga can be a great compliment. As well, yoga teaches the body balance, which is just what you need to be able to stand on the surfboard. Both practices are a great fit for each other.

Barcelona Promo Party: January 29th

Roots Promo Party

On Sunday January 29th we are back in the heart of Barcelona for a promo party in Inusual Project.
Rammed full of entertainment, come feel the vibe of Roots and fill your sunday with good vibrations…!

This is the plan:

Skate Class at MACBA Park in Barcelona
Yoga Session with Amanda Quiambao
Surfrider Foundation Chat with Vanessa – Sarah Salvo
Presentation of ‘Ballena Blanca’ Magazine
Live Music! from:
Josh Parker – Singer songwriter
Kid Hyena – Acoustic Duo
Kari Panska – Hula Hoop Show!

More details soon: Follow our facebook page for more details.

BackRoom News

There have been a few changes in the back room here, one major one being Thomas Williams has left the fest due to work commitments.
Anyone who came to Roots will know Thomas is force of nature, without whom we would not be here and would also not have the great photos he took
A massive thanks to him and good luck from all!
We have some new faces, new input, inspiration and ideas and we are looking forwards to the next year and projects it will bring.

Have a great year, Peace to all!
Little Ripples Make Waves
The Roots Team

Roots Team

Stay Tuned for more information!

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